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Hats are an important accessory for kids and should be a staple in their wardrobe. Whether they are heading to the beach for a summer day trip or skiing on the slopes, they need to protect their heads and ears from harsh sun and wind. Luckily, Lack of Color offers a wide selection of functional, trendy kids hats that will keep them comfortable and stylish all year round.

Kids hats are available in many styles including baseball caps, bucket hats, visors, beanies and more. They can also be found in a variety of materials, colors and patterns so that your child can choose the perfect style to fit their personality and their outfit.

One of the most important factors when buying a kids hat is to make sure it has a high UPF rating. The UPF rating stands for ultraviolet protection factor and indicates how much UV rays the hat will block. Our top rated kids sun hats have an impressive UPF 50+ rating, protecting the skin on the head and neck from harmful sun damage.

Aside from the UPF rating, you will want to ensure the hat fits your kid properly. Most of our hats include an adjustable strap, which is great for kids with growing hair or parents who are worried about the hat not fitting well on their child's head. Many of our hats have multiple sizes as well, so you can be sure that you will find the right size for your child to wear all season long.

The best sun hats for kids are made with breathable fabrics, which will help your child stay cool and comfortable on hot days. We found that some of the best sun hats for kids, such as the Jan & Jul Kids Islander and Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat, are very breathable and have venting eyelets on the crown for added airflow. In contrast, the Filson Summer Packer didn't perform as well when it came to breathability, but it still provides ample coverage for outdoor activities.

If your child will be participating in any water-based activities, then you'll need to purchase a hat that is waterproof. Our waterproof kids hats are designed to be able to withstand rain, snow and sand, making them the perfect choice for a family beach day or an adventurous kayaking trip.

Many of our best kids hats are also made with moisture-wicking materials, which will pull sweat away from the head to keep your child dry and comfortable all summer long. Some of our hats even feature reflective details, which will reflect the sun's UV rays to further protect your child's skin.

Kids can be hard on their hats, especially when they are wearing them for an extended amount of time. It is important to buy a hat that can withstand the abuse your children will put it through so that you can be confident your kids hats will last all summer long. We recommend checking out our selection of durable and comfortable kids hats from brands you can trust, such as Salt Life, Lack of Color and Sunday Afternoons.

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