The Different Types of Military Hats

For members of the military, police forces and even civilian auxiliary groups, wearing the proper hat can make all the difference. Hats can protect you from the elements, help identify your rank or unit, and add to a uniform’s overall look. Hats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most fall into a few categories that include patrol caps, boonie hats, berets and combat helmets.

When it comes to military hats, there is no shortage of options available. Some of these hats are worn during training or while serving in garrison, others are worn on the battlefield, and still other military hats can be worn for ceremonial purposes such as during a changing of the guard ceremony. Whatever the role may be, these unique military hats are all part of a larger effort to maintain high standards of dress, deportment and grooming that all members of the military should strive for.

The patrol cap is a type of military hat that is often worn in garrison, peacetime and less threatening environments. The patrol cap is typically made of a soft material and incorporates a visor that makes it look very similar to a baseball cap. The patrol cap is a popular substitute for the combat helmet, as it can be used in situations where there is a minimal risk of exposure to flying shrapnel or other airborne objects with the ability to cause serious head injuries.

For those who are more interested in the more formal uniforms, there is the beret. Originally introduced to help soldiers in the United States Army stand out from their fellow service members, berets have never truly caught on with U.S. personnel, and they are now primarily worn by cadets in some universities. Berets require a lot of work and time to form, and because they don’t breathe, they can make military personnel feel extremely uncomfortable in hot weather climates. They also don’t allow a soldier to easily adjust their head size, which can lead to the beret becoming loose and falling off of a soldier’s head.

Another common military hat is the peaked cap, also known as a service cap. This is a traditional military hat that can be seen in many countries and is normally adorned with a badge or embroidery to show rank and/or unit. This hat is typically worn with service dress uniforms, although some units will wear the peaked cap in garrison as well.

Finally, the bearskin hat is a unique military hat that has been worn by members of the Grenadier Guards in their ceremonial uniforms since 1815. This bearskin headdress is not a practical piece of military hat, but it serves to connect French, British and Canadian history by symbolizing the victory over Napoleon’s elite Imperial Guard at the Battle of Waterloo. It is also a reminder of the sacrifice that was made during this time. As a result, the bearskin hat is incredibly important to the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.

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