The Hip Hop Cap

Hip hop has made its mark on a wide array of styles, including music, dance and fashion.hip hop cap Whether it’s a pair of baggy track pants or a flashy tee, many designers have taken inspiration from the burgeoning genre. But one piece of headwear has stood the test of time, and is still a staple in the hip hop scene: the cap.

From streetwear to couture, the hat has played a significant role in hip-hop and rap style, from its early days in New York City’s Bronx borough in the 1970s to today’s global impact.hip hop cap Originally worn for functional purposes, such as keeping hair out of the way while dancing, hip-hop fashion soon took on a more stylish and sophisticated aesthetic. The hat became a symbol of hip-hop’s defiance of the status quo and the sense of individuality that runs through its culture.

While rappers’ fashion choices have always been an integral part of hip hop, the era of the hat-centric gangsta look really began in the ’80s, as artists like LL Cool J and Public Enemy made a statement with their clothing choice as well as their rhymes.hip hop cap The camouflage and military clothing worn by Public Enemy was a visual compliment to their fight-the-power message, while LL Cool J’s thick gold chains accentuated his machismo image and helped him become a symbol of hip hop success.

As hip hop’s popularity grew in the ’90s and beyond, artists started representing their home cities through their clothing, incorporating their local teams into the cultural fabric of the movement.hip hop cap For example, Detroit hip-hop group UTFO embraced their hometown through their Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals fitted hats, while the MCs in Brooklyn hip-hop group UGK can be seen wearing Kangol hats throughout the movie New Jack City. Later in the naughties and ’10s, Eminem was seen sporting a cotton twill army cap in his Beautiful video, while NWA members Dre, N.W.A and OGs like Slick Rick were always rocking their signature hat styles.

Today, rappers and fans continue to celebrate hip-hop culture through their hat selections. The oversized bucket hat is all the rage amongst young fans, while more mature rappers are opting for curved brimmed caps with a low profile. The hat has also crossed over into high-fashion, with designers like Alexander Wang recently introducing two styles of a Kangol Peebles cap in his Spring and Resort 2017 collections.

Although there’s still more work to be done for high-fashion to fully embrace the nuances of hip-hop culture, including giving credit to Black designers, it is encouraging to see that more and more brands are paying tribute to their roots. With the emergence of a more casual hip-hop and rap scene, it’s only right that high fashion embrace its heritage as well.

Hip hop cap

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