How to Make Your Own Custom Hats

Custom hats are a great way to promote your brand.custom hats Embroidered with your logo or design, they can be worn by customers and potential new customers alike. Branded hats are also perfect for outfitting your staff. They’re an effective way to get your logo in front of people in a way that won’t hurt their wallets and they help your brand stand out from the competition.

You can choose from a variety of different hat shapes and paneling, as well as the material you want your cap to be made out of.custom hats Our wide selection of fabrics and colors will help you create the ideal cap for your brand. Choose a breathable, lightweight fabric that’s perfect for spring and summer. Or pick a thick, warm fabric that’s cozy and comfortable in colder weather. And don’t forget to add a custom patch to your hat – we have a selection of embroidery locations, including the front above the crown and the back near the closure.

One of the best things about a custom hat is that it can be made to fit any head size.custom hats Our hats are available in a range of sizes, from preemies to XL adult heads. The hat recipe in this book steps you through the process of choosing yarn and determining a size, then it walks you through the key knitting techniques – casting on, working in the round, stretchy and decorative bind offs, even weaving in the ends. Then there are tutorials for adding decorative flourishes, like pom-poms and tassels. A hat yardage table helps you calculate how much yarn you’ll need, and there are tips for using up small amounts of leftover yarn.

While it is possible to find a ready-made hat that fits your head, they are often not as comfortable or stylish as a custom-made hat.custom hats The problem is that most hats require a wooden hat block and flanges to shape the felt around, and most standard hat sizes leave a small gap at the sides of the head. This can be uncomfortable, especially if you wear your hat backwards.

The good news is that making your own hat can be easy and affordable. There are small minimum orders. You can start off by ordering just one hat and see how it looks, and then order more as needed.

When you choose Jupmode to make your embroidered hats, you can also customize the look of your hat by adding hang tags and labels. You can either have these woven into the hat itself, or you can create a custom patch in a separate order and have us sew it onto your hats later. If you want to be completely retail-ready, we can even include a classic woven top button in your chosen color.

Custom hats

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