Fisherman's Hat, aka Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are unstructured, fabric hats, usually with a short brim. Also known as the fisherman`s hat, these accessories are commonly made of cotton. Nowadays we see them everywhere, from the catwalks to street fashion.

In today`s post, we`re going to talk about this cool type of hat that is trending over the last years. 

Firstly, let`s see where this type of hat is coming from.

Well, back in the '80s and 90`s these hats were commonly used in agriculture and fishing and had different compositions being either light and breathable for sunny weather, either dense and waterproof for rainy and foggy days. 

That is why these hats are also known as fisherman hats

Later this type of hat was introduced as part of certain military uniforms. Because the form of the bucket hats assures protection for the forehead and the neck at the same time. And as part of military equipment, it always comes with chin straps.

During the late '90s and early 2000, we`ve seen them more in the rap music industry, being a signature accessory of street fashion.

Nowadays, there are no rules or barriers when putting on a bucket hat. Everything from a nice evening outfit to a bad hair day outfit can count on this accessory. It is a versatile, all-year-long hat. Can equally protect you from sun rays or raindrops. 

Since the pandemic and the big shift from office clothing to more casual, comfy styles, we`ve seen bucket hats everywhere. They are trending this year and fashion previsions say they will stay around for a while. So, go find yours!

There is a large variety of bucket hats, of all colors and textures, with a short or wide brim.

Here we`re going to let you some of our favorites. 

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