The Importance of Valve Stem Caps

Almost everything on your vehicle serves a purpose, and the valve cap is no exception.valve cap It seems like a simple, small part that screws onto the tip of that knob protruding from your tire, but it does so much more than just look pretty and make it easier to check your air pressure.

The valve stem caps, as they are also called, protect the Schrader valve, which is what keeps your tires inflated with air or nitrogen.valve cap If a car valve cap is missing, it can allow dirt, dust, and moisture to sneak inside the Schrader valve and contaminate its sealing surfaces. If enough contamination takes place, the valve stem could eventually start leaking and causing a flat tire.

In addition to preventing dirt and moisture from entering the valve stem, car valve caps can help maintain your tire pressure by providing an extra seal over the top of the valve stem. Many of these caps, especially those made from metal or higher quality hard plastic, feature a rubber washer or seal that helps keep them in place and prevent them from loosening over time and falling off because of vibrations. They can also be a good way to add style and flair to your wheels, and you'll find that a wide variety of options are available in terms of color, material, and more, including some which are designed for specific types of car, such as Mercedes valve caps.

Another benefit of a properly functioning valve stem cap is that it can help prevent your tire pressure monitors from giving you false readings. A missing cap can allow moisture and dirt to sneak in and contaminate the valve stem core, which can cause the sensor to read that your tire pressure is low even when it is not. This can cause the sensor to give you an inaccurate warning or even result in your tire exploding, so it is important to always ensure that your valve stem cap is in good working order.

Most newer cars have tire pressure monitoring systems, and some of them have the ability to show you a real-time graph of your tire's air pressure. This is a great tool to have, but if the valve stem cap is damaged or missing it can make the system inaccurate and potentially dangerous. A mechanic that routinely checks tire air pressure and flags any that are loose or missing is a good choice.

Considering the importance of a proper functioning valve stem cap, it is not surprising that it can be easy to overlook and lose or break one over time. Fortunately, it is also a very inexpensive item to purchase and replace, so do yourself a favor and put one in the driver's seat every time you get behind the wheel. You'll thank yourself for it later when your tires last longer and ride more smoothly. Thanks for reading, and be safe out there!

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